Independent Herbalists UK.

This Web Site serves several purposes.

1. That the UK public will lose a traditional freedom due mainly to European Directives.

We have hundreds of years of history that allowed those with the knowledge to administer herbal medicines. A system that has stood the test of time has been severely damaged to suit the EU, media hysteria, the pharmaceutical interests in the MHRA and the interests of a handful of power hungry academic herbalists.

2. To inform the UK public on the impending loss of their freedom to select a herbalist of their choice because of the proposals on herbalists regulation.

3. To try and make contact with hundreds of herbalists in the UK that we know are not represented by the associations in the steering group on Statutory regulation under the Department of Health. Please, if you know someone who helps people using herbs let them know about us.

4. To try and make the public aware that laws are now being determined by organisations with vested interests, not by our Parliament after debates.

5. To expose the disreputable tactics used by the pro registration lobby, including spending substantial sums on lobbying companies.

What is this about?
There are proposals that all Herbalists are regulated by their respective organisations and that only those so registered will be able to call themselves a "Medical Herbalist and similar titles.
Full document here. The pro regulation organisations have asked to be regulated, but without adequate consultations with the vast majority of those practising herbal medicine. Government agencies have assumed that these organisations represent the majority of the trade. THEY DO NOT.
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What is wrong with regulation?
1. In the UK we have a unique heritage in that anyone with the appropriate knowledge can practise as a herbalist. This is a unique historical privilege granted by Henry the 8th under an act that has never been repealed. Copy here. This historical right has served the UK public well for hundreds of years via our mode of herbal medicine. The problem is that now all modes of traditional medicine are being placed into the same regulation basket.

Most of the cases of harm advanced by the Medicines Control Agency (MHRA) as evidence for the need for regulation, are either because of imported remedies not used by herbalists trained in UK traditional styles, or they exaggerate cases of harm, twisting facts to suit what they have always wanted, i.e. all traditional medicines to be licensed by themselves with enormous fees that will kill the industry. The MHRA have never been fit for purpose and their activities should be dispersed.

2. We do not believe that such regulation will give the public any more protection than existing laws of the land provide, but it will significantly impact on your freedom of choice. Document here.

Perhaps time for a change?
The Henry the 8th legislation has stood the test of time and why change it without good reason?

Those of us who refuse to join the so called "professional" associations, will be banned from using names such as "Medical Herbalist". In addition, it will become far more difficult to obtain professional indemnity insurance. This will over time lead to our freedom of choice on healthcare being significantly diminished.

If there were sound grounds for changing the law then most independent herbalists would not object. However, we feel those grounds are simply not there and the proposals are a political gimmick and a quest for power by certain people at the top of the trade organisations.

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