How to get a Knighthood in the UK.

1. Run an incompetent Government department - the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

2. Give wrong and biased information to your Ministers.

3. Do not listen to warnings from the public over problems with your plans.

4. Do not listen, or investigate contrary opinions to that which you hold, and after fake "consultations" do what you wanted all along.

4 B. Have your staff publish scare stories about the dangers of certain herbs based on inadequate evaluation of reported cases. Have them invent fake statistics to back up your warnings. Suggest herbs that may cause a handful of adverse reactions are withdrawn, but do not allow a mention of the OTC drugs that cause tens of thousands of cases of adverse effects. That of course would upset the pharmaceutical interests entrenched in this incompetent agency.

5. Allow "generic" drugs imported from around the world to enter the NHS without knowing if they meet quality standards. Then place all responsibility for quality control on the importers. Do not supply information on inspections of overseas production facilities when requested by hiding behind the cost of "redacting" the documents. NOTE: "Redact" is a stupid modern civil service term meaning to edit out anything that identifies misdeeds or incompetence.

6. Do nothing about sub standard surgical instruments being bought into the country by rogue importers (BBC Panorama) instead blame the importers.

6 B. Do nothing about the recent problems with breast implants. Instead, as usual, place the blame on the importers. I thought the MHRA were supposed to be our police service for health products. If not what is the point in having them?

7. Permit UK based rogue companies who run web sites making illegal medicinal claims, to operate for over a year after the MHRA has been warned of illegal activity endangering the public. Then just send warning letters and refer them to the respective trade organisation to put their publicity right.

8. Don't prosecute rogue web operators - well maybe just a few to make it look like you are doing something.

9. Allow the establishment of fake "independent" advisory committees - fake because the Civil Service do not have a clue what the term "independent" means. Instead pack them with University professors whose departments frequently draw funds from drug companies.

10. Run a department packed with ex employees of drug companies and deny there are any vested interests involved.

11. When asked by the media for explanations when something has gone wrong instruct your PR people to brush it off with, "the Government are aware of that", or "the Government will take action on that" or "the Government deny the validity of that report". The 'Government' meaning the unelected parasites running the departments, not the MPs.

12. The European regulators say each country must appoint a "competent agency" to administer medicines laws. Only a Judicial review of the activities of the Department of Health can establish if their sub agencies are competent, I know what I think!!

Nothing changes, the same old Civil Servants running the same old money wasting incompetent departments. Your reward for all that "good work" is a knighthood. No wonder the younger public are fed up with politics.